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at the maryland spca. but nobody asked the spca. >>> pick a road, any road. they are not paved with gold. any pothole is costing you dearly. i'm jamie costello. >>> and i'm megan pringle. >>> hot hot hot. meteorologist justin burke with our forecast for today. >> reporter: on the last day of summer, temperatures reached 90 degrees. tying the all time top count. happy fall to all. it is a morning that features a little bit of fog. it took down trees in baltimore county, and a nasty storm came right along route 50 all the way near croftton. temperatures in arnold 67, 63 toward westminister. not much of a spread this morning, but we have areas of fog. what appears to be a developing thunderstorm just west of hagerstown. otherwise we expect a dry morning. isolated thunderstorms, with a guaranteed high of '88. could reach 90 in backyards. here's kim brown. good morning. >>> hey justin, good morning, everyone. we have another accident reported up in perryville in harper county. police are also still working an accident at the baltimore county line on the eastbound lanes of route 40. right now looki
southbound past the mountain road exit blocking both shoulders. traffic is able to get by without any problems. the intersection at wesley chapel road has been reopened, but you still will see weather related debris in the roadway at old york road and blue mountain road and monkton road,. >>> 6:30 right now. the chewed up roads we travel on every single day are no doubt about -t annoying. tenth worst in the nation. it turns out it is really expensive. >>> good morning, we are here at the intersection of northern parkway and falls road. you can see what we are talking about here. major potholes in the road, causing people big bucks to get their cars repaired. baltimore city is making repairs to the road with a lot of construction projects. not enough to counter a report that says the baltimore area has some of the roughest roads in the nation. a percentage of roads in poor condition. that report says nationwide 24% of major metropolitan roads are in poor position. that number almost doubled to 46% of bad roads. this is costing drivers an extra $600 each year in wear and tear on the
>>> bumpy roads in baltimore. more on that story, coming up. >>> first big wave of new rules under the healthcare law leaving many scrambling to get ahead of the changes. >>> $100,000 worth of jewelry, that is enough to scare store owners and shoppers don't you think? >> good morning, i'm jamie costello. >>> and friday is almost here and fall is here. meteorologist justin burke. good morning, justin. >> reporter: we had big boomers roll through last night. especially in the evening the overnight hours. we'll see if kim has any updates on the traffic delays as a result of some of those. yesterday we had 91. the 53rd day we hit surpassing the 90-degree mark. happy fall today. we have morning fog and more heat on the way. as we check it out. we are generally looking across the area, conditions are basically summer like. 67 degrees in baltimore. with fog in baltimore county. some of the valley locations held on to some of the cooler temperatures during the morning hours. big storms rolled through yesterday as well. going for 88 today as our guaranteed high. could reach 90 in some spots
of 82 with sunshine. >>> let's check the roads with kim. >> we don't have any incidents or problems so far around the beltway. 695 is actually checking in without problems. as we look at the cameras, here we are on the beltway at harford road, you see traffic is starting to build particularly on the outer loop lanes to the lefthand side of the screen but just minor delays at this time. as we look at the maps mostly a handful of road hazards to let you know about. debris reported 97 southbound at dorsey road. in catonsville the eastbound lanes of route 40 at new wood drive. the right lane and right turning lane continue to be blocked because of a down tree and towson, experiencing watermain issues because of a ruptured watermain on york road, that is between overbrook road and winwood road. no lanes blocked at this time. in cecil county northbound 95 at the chesapeake house rest stop. one lane reopened but it's pretty much jammed as you head towards the chesapeake house because of an accident involving a tractor-trailer and fuel spill. back to you. >>> 6:32. people who live in italy hav
. >> as you might expect the roads are a mess thrghout the area. we have high water, closed roads and accidents. good morning, and thanks for joining usfor "news 4 today," i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs on a thursday, the 30th and last day of sepmber, 2010. let's take a live look outside once again. this is ronald reagan international airport where it raining heavily. flights could be delayed upnd down the east coast. >> let's get the latest on the forecast. meteorologist tom kierein is following all this heavy rain. tom, good morning. >> good morning eun and joe. yes, we've seen these waves of heavy rain really increasing in intensity over the last three or four hours. they've been marching in south to north and continue to sweep through. this is the radar over the last three hours. we've seen pockets of yellow and orange. those are the areas of the heaviest rains that have been coming through. also thunder and lightning over the eastern part of the chesapeake bay. and on the eastern shore of the chesapeake bay they are geing heavy downpours right now. now th
. >>> and payythe price for a -ough ride. how much more you you're spendig because of bbltimore's bumpy roads. ,3 >>> good morning. it's thursday, september 23rd. you're taking a live look out ú%er baltimore from federal hill. a beautiful shoo as the city is all lit up and people are up and outtgetting ready for the day. good morning..3 i'm patrice harris. let's get ready ffr our forecast to see what kind of weather we have as we are heading out. meteorologist steve fertig is here. and this is it. >> this is the first day of fall. and it's going to feel suumer-like, because the 90s are back. -omorrow. we got into the 990 yesterday, and lightning strikes last night that left us with a little moisture, nough that we may see some fog in places. 60 degrees is what we got starting out and mild and 70s in other spots. downtown 74 degrees, and 77 in d.c. and 68 in salisbury and hagerstown and oakland at 64. stormy weather moving out of delaware and into the a atlantic ocean. to the wft a couple of showers in pennsylvania but that won't bother us. the heattmay bother, and you humidity will be climbing
hill road will be shutdown. you will want to stick with harford road as your alternate route. dd watch out for another downn3 tree, hicks road that is a bad alternaae. another one at girding road.3 youudo want to stick with route 138 as an alternate route. as you take a look att183, nothing tt get in your way at warren road. %-noothbound and southbounddlans just fine. that will be the same caae if you are traveling on the northeast corridor of 95. you're look at a 5-minute drive, with annaverage peed of 45 miles per hour. no problems to report traveling through tunnels from the fort mchenry tunnel to he beltway, you're lookth a looking at an 1e ride, an average sseed of 53 miles per our. that's theetraffic edge report. patrice, back to you. >>> thank ou, lauren. >>> 5:32 now on fox 45 early editiin. a provision of the new healthcare law takes effect today offering some healt help r americans, but still many are %keptical. >> reporter: this affects everyone of us..3 thousands offamericans are hoping to get relief when it comes to healthcare. some worry rear we are going toy forrthi
with the possibility of road spray and slick conditions. it's rain from cockeysville through towson, however, we pull back, show the south side of baltimore, the rain ended. anne arundel county and cecil county, you had rain and crofton to bowie, 65 this morning but 1.27 inches of rain was just since midnight. the atmosphere is charged and we'll have more rain and maybe heavy thunderstorms into the afternoon. with our 2-degree guaranteed high reaching 72. even if the rain stops the roads are still wet. it's very important and right now listen up to see what the traffic mights look like with kim brown. >>> the traffic will look slow. we have several accidents up and down the 95 core corridor and around the beltway. 95 at the o'donnell street exit. an accident at keith avenue . right now as we look at the maps, a complete check -- 95 southbound past caton avenue exit. the left lane and shoulder continue to be blocked there. on the very top side of the beltway, inner loop at the jfx, an earlier crash has been moved off to the left shoulder. anne arundel county, northbound 295 earlier crash at arundel
to four or five inches of rain. there's a lot more to come and we cannot stress, if you come across a road covered in water, do not try to go over it. there's a phrase -- turn around, don't drown. for more, here's marty. >> i want to emphasize what bern was saying. we may not see the rain got out until the overnight. we may only be a third of the way through this weather event. let's bring you up to speed on the current watches, warnings and advisories. it's easy to say where we don't have any. a flash flood warning for all caughts including baltimore city and the district of columbia except garrett, allegany, washington and frederick county. we have a tornado watch, not a warning, but a watch in effect until 1:30 for all counties for the state of delaware, all maryland counties excluding garrett, allegany, washington and frederick county. there is another concern. that is the high tide moving up the bay. 12:4 at bowly quarters. indianapolis was reporting the tide running a couple of feet above normal, so western shore, bay property owners, those, with concerns, marinas, those who have boa
. and the road was built high. >> we need access and you have a 70 year-old facility that's inadequate for today's transportation needs. and in addition to that, you have the problem that it wasn't for site extenders. >> the rating for the high viaduct is a higher rating than that collapsed. and it was sapped quite a while before used and it was rusty before installed. >> a state highway through a federal national park connecting an independently managed bridge to city streets. this is a prescription for complication. >> it became clear unless there was one catalyst organization that took it on as a challenge, it wouldn't happen and we did that and for people to advocate. and the project has a structural rating of 2 out of 100. >> you can see the rusting reinforcing in the concrete when you look at the edges now. the deck has steel reinforcing that's corroded and lost 2/3's of its strength. >> this was accelerated in 1989 when the earthquake hit and cal came in and strengthened but can't bring to standards. to fix this road will cost more than to replace. and for the last 18 years, we have been
to this road location to pleasanton official say initially its nearby retail businesses and restaurants like these that will benefit the most. pleasanton officials are hopeful that clorox decision to relocate is just another in a series of relocations that will continue to take place in the city of pleasanton. anchorman kron 4 news. >> with the departure of more than 500 employees in the next year the oakland chamber of commerce is helping the new companies will take over the space that will be freed up when clark's leaves. >> the fact that they're moving 500 percent people of the next year to another city is obviously disappointing. if it's going to be phased in over the next year we could have no employees from other companies, other organizations coming to oakland to offset that. it's hard to see what the impact will be. >> clorox is currently doing $25 million worth of improvements to its building and will be leasing of the space that will be freed up by its departing employees. new details in the deadly san bruno gas line explosion today the corner confirmed the death of the three famil
honesty, it's going to get worse before it gets better. let's see what's happening on the roads. they're already bad enough. >> in addition to accidents, we have several roads closed and flooding. not the morning really to be trying to hurry and go anywhere, just not going to happen. outer loop, liberty road, pretty much traffic is stopped. we had an earlier crash at wilkins, cleared out of the travel portion, it continues to block both shoulders, perhaps rubbernecking going on there, in addition to volume on top of the rains and the reduced visibility. as we look at our maps, this is what we have going on. incident in gambrelsfk because of high flooding water there. ebenezer road, high water reported to be as high as two feet in some places. martin boulevard closed because of high water. we have reports of a vehicle fire, 95 southbound, approaching exit 74. expect it to be a slow ride on the 95 corridor. east cold spring lane, loch raven boulevard. we're still working an accident on the top side of the outer loop, headed towards the jfx earlier crash from before 5:00 in the morning,
we are at route 50, sandy point, no problems across the bridges but like justin mentioned the roads will be slick. you might want to take your speeds down just a tad. back to you. >>> in just a few hours maryland's first slots casino will officially open for business. the hollywood casino in perryville will open at 8:00 this morning. abc2 news linda so is in the studio ready to gamble. linda? >> reporter: yes, get ready. 1,500 slot machines, lots of food and drinks, in a hollywood theme. the casino is opening a little earlier than expected. it was originally supposed to open this thursday. instead, that is when the grand opening will be, with today being their soft opening. the casino got its license over the weekend after a successful trial run saturday. more than a thousand people were invited to a close-door charity event. it paves the way for the casino to open since voters approved slots nearly two years ago. the casino at arundel mills is going back to the voters in november. operators at perryville say they are happy to be the first to open and boost the local economy. >> we
down roads and locked down schools during that part of the search. the residents of the avalon apartment complex were shocked by the scene. >> i got home this morning from dropping my husband and son off at school and work. there were cops vowning the building with shot guns and vests and everything. >> again, prince is now in custody after a daylong manhunt. a restraining order was filed against him by his ex-girlfriend last week. >>> a man selling newspapers in baltimore city street corners seems to have escaped serious injury after he was hit by a car. police say around 0:00 this morning the auto theft task force was following a lead in baltimore. 10:00. police have not released the names of the suspect or the victim in this case. >>> the man shot by baltimore county police remains in critical but stable condition this evening. the suspect's name still not released. police say he tried to grab an officer's gun, that is when he was shot. it happened monday after police responded to hanes point square shopping center for a call of a man acting suspiciously. both officers on
of the beltway in maryland. it is caused because of the jackknifed tractor-trailer approaching georgetown road. these drivers are only able to squeeze by using that left shoulder. as a result of that, they are in a solid jam up at river road. let's show you 50 west where we have more problems. this is new. an accident at mlk jr. highway. you have a one hour drive moving it outside northbound on 95 from dale city to the mixing bowl. clearing bumper-to-bumper. that is the only good news there with no accidents. watch for flooding on the inner and outer loop at the 123 exit. you have a good amount of congestion at 95 to 66. as you continue over trying to get to the american legion bridge. we have crash activity. it comes from the dulles toll road to 67. we know that all of the access lanes are blocked. it is taking away one lane on the left side. drivers here are pretty much stacked at hunter mill. back to you. >>> thank you. you heard it from howard and devin. we are under a flood watch until 9:00 p.m. flooding during a downpour is a concern in alexandria. we have jessica from old town along kin
in randalls town at liberty road. one at loch raven and one in anne arundel route 4 at talbot road. flooding at eastern boulevard and martin boulevard. a live look at your drive times and your speeds, down to 21 miles an hour on the west side outer loop, big delay there is. in the because of the weather but because of the accident. there's a live look at 70. no eastbound lanes get beg because of the accident at 29. there's a look at the west side at old port road. remember, wjz 13 is always on. so for traffic information anytime, log on to >>> the rain is obviously what people are talking b right now the majority of the state is under a tornado and flood watch. website -- wjz's coverage continues. >> reporter: when it's this wet out, the city and utilities have plans in place. five crews have been working to clean storm drains considering there's more than 50,000 of them. >> the biggest weapon you have in the fight against flooding is really a broom. go out there. sweep that material up. put it in the trash can. >> reporter: workers monitor the areas for problems. >> wool -- we'll f
loop that is making for a very slow commute on that northwest corner there at old court road. as we look at the crash that is blocking the two right lanes, traffic is very heavy past the scene of that accident. pretty much at a crawl. so you can expect pretty significant delays as you make your way across that area between, on the outer loop at old court road this morning. also working several other incidents around the area. we have an incident that still continues, that same spot we just saw. also middle river, two accidents, one that has kingston road closed between eastern boulevard and hawthorne road. another accident in a residential area, middle river, old eastern boulevard near harrison avenue. south of the beltway, we have an accident, 295 approaching waterview road. that is blocking the two left lanes, only one lane gets by now on the bw parkway. leaving baltimore city. expect it to be slow there. an earlier accident in howard county, 95 southbound on the ramp to eastbound route 32. in the process of being cleared. out in western howard county, marriottsville, old frederic
on it than i do now. >> are you on the road right now, greg? >> i am. but i am riding, i am not driving. >> where are you and how is the traffic where you are? >> i'm actually on interstate 70 and so i'm not even in -- down in the general area yet. >> so you have a ways to go. >> i'm at state police headquarters. >> so it will take you a while to get there and obviously you all would know the roads and the terrain so you know not to get into the midst of all of that. but do we know anything else about -- did you all take a lot -- i know that montgomery county probably would have taken the 911 call there. we just heard there was one call that was taken. you can provide any other information about what any other callers may have said about this accident? >> i really can't, ma'am. our troopers at the baracks, our sergeant is working to get the resources we need to the scene. it's very busy and those kind of questions will have to wait until later. >> so are your folks even on the scene yet? >> yes, ma'am, they are. >> okay. >> so your role will be when you get there, to help deal with the
. we'll have more in just a few. >>> if you thought that poor road conditions in baltimore were costing you more dollars in car repairs anew survey says you're right. baltimore roads are among the roughest in the nation. tim rutherford has the story. >> reporter: like pesky weeds in the garden, orange barrels an cones seem to have sprouted everywhere. city and county are making repairs to many roads in the area but not enough to count area report just released that claims that the baltimore metro area has some of the roughest roads in the nation. places baltimore in the top 10% of the worse roads. those poor roads cost an average of $402 annually in additional vehicle costs. in baltimore, those costs rise to $603 annually. >> and we don't think it's fair because we have put a lot of effort into maintaining our roads ways. it's the one thing we focused on the last four years was operation orange cone program and it's one thing we take seriously. >> reporter: the downturn in the economy has hindered road repair efforts everywhere but the city says they are on target. >> we can
on the road on willow glen which look like this earlier this year all broken up. here's how looks now with an ice at-fault freshly laid roads unfortunately san jose doesn't have enough money to do this elsewhere cleared the city faces more than 400 mi. of bad roads and backlog that took years to build up. until they can do more to fix potholes and repay these roads and as they will likely stay at the top of the bad road list. in san jose kron 4 news. if >> in areas with populations between 255 under thousand people several california cities made the top 20 list you could see on our screen in the top five antioch comes in at no. 1 with 65 percent of the roads in poor condition there. if followed by santa rosa, hammett, stockton and to make the lot muriatic rid >> the road conditions in antioch provided into on the south side of highway 4 drivers enjoy wide and smooth roads but it's a different story in the older part of town to the north of the highway. the hillcrest avenue take a look you can see the road is cracked and pitted with polls. it listened as his car hit a pothole and hillc
debris on westbound ole york road and we have a downed tree off to a downed tree on wesley chapel road. and meantime f you're traveling on the beltway, there's a live look at the westside of the beltway at old fort road. the only accident is on 40 eastbound. that's blocking the right lane. and everything's looking good on 95 south of mountain road and there's 95 south of the beltway. and there's wjz mountain road. donning back to you. don, back to you. >>> state regular laters are in fact -- regulators are investigating another hospital performing unnecessary procedures. >> reporter: there's a second unnamed hospital that's being investigated to determine if unnecessary procedures were performed on patients. >> we've asked the office to do a review of the utilization of another hospital. if i wanted to name the hospital, i would have named it in the report. at this pointing we're maintaining that confidentiality. >> reporter: st. joseph's came under review after 600 patients may have had unnecessary stints in their body. stints are small devices that open blocked arteries. this baltimo
. we have a cow in the road. this is in carroll county. something to watch out for their. -- there. there is to report of an accident there as well. otherwise, we're looking pretty good of the major roadways. nine minutes between the beltway to the for mechanic toll plaza. 895 looking at seven minutes there. this is a live look outside old court road. it's foggy out there so user low bream's. traffic moving by at the key bridge. we do have some fog warnings on the. bridges. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now back over to you. >> thank you. howard county family takes on the school system clement they did not do enough to protect their child from being bullied. >> jennifer franciotti is live with more. >> this family is suing for three counts of -- they are seeking anywhere from $1 million to $10 million in damages. they claim a student back in patapsco middle school was bullied. he was stabbed and struck with pencils and drumsticks and was pushed into lockers. the bullying in schools is becoming a growing problem around the country. baltimore county held their annual saved
. >> reporter: here at golden ring and stemmers road, there's flooding. this was nothing near what it was like a while ago. this water was up above waist height maybe even higher. it has receded quite a bit. they have someone strapped out and tied to a tree a while ago. they had to throw a tree out. the water was so high. so many cars ruined. this is a one auto body shop right here. all of the cars that were in their lot totally gone. they've lost power here because the rain levels were that high. power has been knocked out. the water's still high. no car as loued back here on this section of baltimore county. >> along north point road this trailer park looks like a small stream as flooding washed out the road and even filled up several nearby basements. >> the pass is next door. she's got 2 inches of water in the living room. >> reporter: the force of the floodwaters carried heavy debris but retreated almost as quickly as it rose even as the county closed school early. >> reporter: there's lots to be done here along this section of reporting. the tire shops here are busy cleaning up. business
approaching old georgetown road. that's where the scene is and the stack up starts at river road and it is growing. on the outer loop, no incidents or accidents. from university over to georgia a good amount of congestion is building. take it to the maps. 70 eastbound. another traffic is overturned in this area has all eastbound lanes closed. drivers being forced to use that exit 87 to get on to 29 and from there they can hop on to route 40 or 99 to get around it throughout the morning rush because it looks like officials will be out there until at least 8:00 this morning. taking it to the district. we have fire activity to tell you about. it has mown pleasant closed between irving and tenth. this is in northwest. we also know that lamont is closed between 16th and 17th. we also know that 66 is slowing down. we take it outside to virginia. 234 to route 28. a lot of taillights here stacking up. the same approaching route 50 to nutley. 495 in virginia no incidents or accidents out here. but just volume and you are going to want to take it easy as you come off and on those ramps out
and our 2-degree guaranteed high of 79. the roads are wet yet again. >>> let's check the roads with kim brown. >> yes, the roads are wet so drivers definitely should be advised to keep your suppose down a little bit as you you make your way around the area. reports of a second crash in middle river, old eastern avenue near hair rison. and middle river, kingston continues to be closed between eastern boulevard and hawthorne road. northbound northbound 95, no problems or delays between route 100 and 195. heads up, in western howard county, wires down in marriottsville at old frederick road and marriottsville road. the beltway looking good, no delays between i-70 and i-95 on the outer loop. that is six minutes. here we are at route 50, coming across the bay bridge, a nice steady stream of volume but no problems or delays approaching 97 or headed to the capitol beltway. back to you. >>> 6:01. license, registration and put the camera down. that was quite a traffic stop in harford county. got a lot of publicity because the guy who was pulled over used his video camera to record the stop. that
the roads with kim brown. >> we're working two accidents and two road hazards this morning. an accident still remains on scene in elkridge. the eastbound lanes of route 100 approaching 95. you'll see police out there. in seaferred county, northbound 95 remains closed at the chesapeake rest area. avoid that. route 40, and right lane and right turn blocked because of a downed tree. overbrooke road and winwood road, there are lane blockages. and traffic flowing nicely on both loops, no problems on 695 and the 83s checking in without problems. back to you. >>> 5:32. three days, still nothing. family members and friends of gerard grant are waiting for someone to come forward in a deadly hit-and-run. it happened saturday by erdman avenue in east baltimore. abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us with more. >> reporter: police are still looking for answers in this case and two little girls are left without a father after a fatal hit-and-run accident. it happened saturday about 7:00 p.m. in the 5200 block of erdman avenue in east baltimore. witnesses say a black mercedes hit 25-year-old gerard grant
say, well, you have never been to any dutch town because your roads are so wide. and then they think, yeah, but all these lanes are needed for car traffic. i'll tell you, if you use this traffic model, you should realize that the capacity of your system is not determined by the amount of lanes and the stretches of roads but by the capacity of intersections and you realize that the capacity of these intersections are a lot lower than any capacity of lanes that are on the stretches of roads. so it's only a parking place for cars on to the next traffic light or intersection. so it's only convincing the people to realize that there will be hardly any sacrifice if there will be face given over to cyclists. one thing and that's also the problem with being in the downturn because there is also safe by numbers. in the netherlands, cycling is inherently more safe than in the u.s.a. because all car drivers are also cyclists. 60% of the people in the netherlands cycle at least three times a week. 80% at least once a week. so all the car drivers are also cyclists and they know as they turn right
is the long, hard road. people have lost their homes and probably all their possessions, so this is a long-term effort, never short term. that is why we set up with the mayor's encouragement something that will be ongoing, that can deal with disasters like this, so we encourage people to use that. clearly, that is an option along with the red cross and the other very well known traditional avenues. sf gives back is set up on our city's official website. mayor newsom: there are a number of calls -- puc has received some calls. david has received a number of calls. anything you want to add? you have a couple of centers that were access for emergency response. i know there have been some environmental questions. >> we have a really great public utilities commission. in addition to the san francisco jail and airport, we have hundreds of employees in the immediate vicinity because we operate the regional water system, so in that capacity, they were able to immediately respond. in the first hours, that was all in mutual aid since for fire support. our first concern was making sure san bruno have
lanes at belfast road. %-patrice, let's send it back to you. >>> anytime it rains harr like it is now. traffic snarlsson patapsco avenueein south baltimore. floods inchhs deep and carstimes offen get stuck. megan gilliland is ive out there right now with a look at how things are shaping up out good mooning, megan. >> repooter: good morriig, patrice. we're ddaling with ignificant, very significant flooding on patapsco avenue, both easttand westbound lanes shutdown right now. you can see how high the water is uu on me right now. even deeper. both offthese sides of the road are shutdown. tte problem is people are not listening. they are driving through policeú police barriers trying to makk their way hrough, thinking they pprhaps gettinn home that way.ú they're getting stuck already. two cars trapped and thee had tú bringgthe tow trucks ouu. cap pain broils with the city you are seeing people out off why ii this so dangerous. >> the first thinn is the carss3 stall out in thh water. so far the what thhy have3 stalled past the water. many times we have had to get people out of theii
's another change. it basically affects the ramp off camebridge road. route 123, going in the direction of reston and wolf trap, that's shut down. the new exit is off 123 to the frontage road. this is because of the ongoing issues of building the metro out here in the depul dulles area. get this -- it started friday night. you will notice the change come -- this morning coming in and out of the area. the change goes all the way through the end of this year. live from tysons corner, natasha barrett, abc news. >>> it is easier to get to interstate 95 in northern virginia. the southbound lanes between rolling road and 95 opened this morning. northbound lanes opened this morning. >>> more charges expected to be filed against the accused serial stabber. michigan authorities will charge five new charges against elias abuelazam. he's suspected of stabbing people in michigan, virginia, and ohio. five of the michigan victims died. >>> officers responded to a demeft -- domestic dispute when a man with a rifle shot at them and they shot back. oliver cohen was killed. police are determining whether
at the discovery channel yesterday. this is at ridge road where it meets bethesda church road. use caution this way. 270 southbound. switch the camera over and show you head lights. building in volume from germantown road to 370. 3 t 85, your delay is here stretching from duke to seminary and getting word there is an accident heading northbound at 1100 taking away the lane. >>> we are following the latest developments this the discovery building standoff. it's over, but there's still a lot going on. there's a lot of police activity in downtown silver spring. several police forces are combing for any extra evidence. we're learning more about the suspect, james lee, in particular, his bizarre environmental manifesto. and police are talking to the three hostages trying to get anymore information. joining us for the latest on the investigation is chief tom major with the montgomery county police department. thanks for joining us. obviously, teams have been sweeping the building, looks for explosive devices. is the build all clear at this point orb are there still people inside working. >> we have folks
of the beltway after the exit for 270 but before old georgetown road, there is an accident there. the lane are open as you continue past old georgetown road. we had the crash on the outer loop of beltway after georgia avenue but before you reach connecticut avenue wedge -- with only the right side getting by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> new this morning, a man shot in a car in maryland. this was just before midnight. sarah similar monday is there in landover following the story. good morning. >> good morning, steve. and what is really bizarre about this is this is the exact same location it appears, at least of the 400 block of dodge park road in landover where just about eight days ago, there was another man found shot to death inside of a car. at this point, we do not know these two are related but a very bizarre coincidence. this and just 10 minutes before midnight last night. the latest incident in the 3400 block of dodge park road. officers were called here for a report of a shooting and once they arrived, they found a man inside of a car shot or suffering from
pounding our area most of the day. wjz was on north point blood in dundalk where the road was almost entirely washed out for much of the day in rosedale. firefighters take part in a swift water rescue. a drive around pulaski highway became trapped in some high water. outside right now, the winds are starting to pick up outside. the rain's still falling. you can see the winds by how it's knocking our camera around at this point. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. meteorologist bernadette woods and bob turk closely tracking the system. so how much rain has fallen and what's still to come? let's start with bob. >> take a look at radar. we're not done with this by any means. even though it's been quiet the last few hours in central maryland, look what's coming down to the south. a huge plume of moisture once again showing you how much rain has foulen. let's take a look at the current situation. very light rate around the baltimore area. heavier batches west of us. take a look at the rainfall totals. some of these are really impressive. look at this 6 inches, 6 inches, 8 to
. now, we have a couple of accidents to let you know about. one in baltimore city, bel air road, and franklin avenue. and we are dealing with a serious incident 70 westbound, and overturn tractor trailer and it continues to block to two right lanes, but the left lane is open. >> you see someone driving down the belt way and they are swerving, they are in and out of the lanes, and you pull up to see what is going on, and they are on the cell phone. >> this couple lost their daughter back in 2008. and heather was heading to meet her wedding planner when she was killed. listen to these numbers. last year, more than 5,000 people died on the roads. more than half a million were injured because of a distracted driver. >> we couldn't believe that our daughter was taken from us because of someone who was texting. >> we want you to shut your cell phone off. in three or four seconds your entire life can change. >> here in maryland, it's illegal to text while driving. and starting in november, you will not be able to use cell phones. >> in georgia, two men filed a lawsuit against eddie lon
is on tap for the upcoming week. torst we say good morning 2 kim. >> hillsdale road is closed in both directions. take garrison avenue as an alternate. otherwise, howard county, there is some fire activity and possible lane blockages of there. it could be causing some problem between shadow lane and watch train way. 11 minutes on the outer loop west side and the topside. six minutes as you head down to washington. this is 97 and things are moving just fine north and southbound. 95 at 24, we did have an accident on the overpass over 95. that has been cleared and it doesn't look like it's causing any problems. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> some breaking news. firefighters are out to contain a blaze. >> it broke out around 4:00 a.m. this morning. jennifer franciotti is live on the scene with the latest. >> the fire is now out and no one was hurt. it was on hillsdale, about half a block north of liberty heights. liberty heights is now shut down in both directions. kevin is here from the baltimore city fire department. nobody was hurt in this fire. >> it is a very good thing.
this system is done. right now let's check the roads with kim, they are already causing problems. >> that's right. the rain is not making for a fun monday morning commute. we're working one crash already on the bw parkway northbound at arundel mills circle. no word of lane closures yet. a couple of road hazards, flooding in the prince george's county area at route 50 and route 301. keep that in mind. in colombia, snowden river parkway, the ramp to westbound route 100 continues to be closed because of an oil spill, not related to a crash, a truck started to leak oil. they are sending sand trucks out there. the traffic circle is closed also at this time. look at the shiny wet roads at the beltway. that means it will be slick, slick driving this morning. expect road spray, reduced visibility and not a fun ride. but no problems around 695 so far. we're looking pretty good at this time. back to you. >>> today's the big day. today we get to play the one-armed bandits in cecil county on 95 by the big water tower in perryville. it sits our first-ever casino. linda so says we can start playing to
time later. police this time.spect or a motive at >>> how are the roads lookingg% tonight. lauren cook here now with the report. >> thank you jenniier. we are dealing withhseveral accidents in baltimore city. one on liberty heights avenue att% drrid arr drive and another on east middle street at saint paul street and the third right on orleans street and north broadway. expect heavyy% congestion traveling on the jfx p to falls road. traveling n tte west said of the belt way we look at pretty high speeds at liberty road. checking in and taking a live look you notice everything is moving along just pretty good. we are lacking at 433miles ppr hour along theeouter loop lanes. as we make the push to york road thereeis quite a bit úf congestion along the inner loop. see some relieffas you make the push to parkville. we have 2 accidents in howard county watch out for. both are going to be in columbia. one sorry. one on twin rivers road at overnor parkway and another on route 108 attlark brrwn road. now back to you. >> thank you lauren. >> mmjor redevelopmmnt project gets nd
main lines are looking clear as we take a look at the west side at liberty road. not too many cars are out there, but those that are, are moving just fiie. if you're traveling on thh outer loop you're looking at a 7-minute ride. at 55 miles per hour. all is clear, from the tunnels, an 8 minute ride with an average speed of 54 miles per hour, and you're looking at an average speed of 53 miles per hour. that's a look t the traffic edge report. -atrice, back to ou. >>> we are followiin breaking news out of northhest baltimore in morning. you're taking a live look at the scenee f a two-alarm fire that displaced five people along liberty hilts avenue. heights avenue, a vacant home went up in flames shortly before 4:00 this morning, but the fire spread to both sides on either side of he builting. firefighters evacuated a home and the other house was a nursing home. firefighters evacuated four members there and the fire has been put out. >>> a university crime a let for the university of maayland. seeeral students there are been attacked and robbed near campps. latest on the recent sca
to near normal. let's see what is happening on those roads. here is kim brown. >> we have fire activity in baltimore city that has the eastbound lanes right at falls road partially blocked because of fire and police equipment. so police are going to be out there providing drivers with the detours. keep that in mind. aside from that, we look around the area, no issues along the corridor. we are clear here in baltimore county. no problems southbound from hartford county. 83 looks good as does 795. megan, back to you. >> thanks, kim. there's new information this morning, the death of a 14-year- old from belle air who was hit by a car after crossing a busy intersection. the pedestrian lights at route 24 are on now, but state police received a number of complaints that they were not working on friday. the state highway administration is investigating, but meantime, friends and family of 14-year- old joey are trying to face the reality. they continue to stop by and pay tribute and hug at this growing makeshift memorial. >> god is the giver and taker of life and he has something that he want
usually slows around the beltway. at the outer loop at old court road, brake lights starting to light up the outer loop, keep that in mind. expect minor delays between 795 towards the baltimore national pike. looking at our drive times and maps, we're not doing bad drive- wise, 95 southbound 4 minutes from white marsh boulevard to the beltway, harrisburg expressway still flowing without delays between shawan and 695, picking up between owings mills and the boulevard, 5 minutes. phoenix and monkton, old york road closed at glen berry court because of downtown wires, use jarrettsville pike. a disabled vehicle at 543 and 22 in bel air, police on the scene. back to you. >>> hopefully we'll be safe and found and people will be able to come to the beach. but if necessary, i'll close my gates and put some sandbags in front of them and hope for the best. i think we'll be okay though. >> in ocean city, business owners are prepping for hurricane earl's potential punch. this morning he's a category 3 storm packing winds up to 135 miles per hour. we're keeping an eye on this. it changes
inches there. you can see why we have some road closures ound the area. mclaen, virginia, vienna, high water covering one of the bridge areathere. anne arundel, route 450 closed to high water at hunt wood drive and virginia avenue northwest between 21st a 25th street. tom, back to you. >> thanks so much, veronica. again, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for the district of columbia, montgomery, prince george's, north of prince george's county and central howard county for about another 15 minutes. stay tune. i'll have another update and veronica will joy me again. >> thanks very much. due to the weather conditions all st. mary's county public schools will dismiss two hours earltoday. all afternoon and evenig activities have been canceled in st. mary's county. no addition al -- or ino additional amounts are made, schools will operate on a normal schedule tomorrow. due to weather conditions, all public county schools will dismiss two hours ely today. our team coverage of this wet day continues now with tracee wilkins who joins us from annandale, virginia. that's where this morning
to work in the bay area's largest city could run into some bumpy roads. ktvu is out there right now. we'll have a live report on exactly what we're talking about in just a couple minutes. >>> meantime a decision will likely be made today on a plan to make drastic cut backs to ac transit bus services. the planned cuts would save ac transit more than $12 million by eliminating more than half of the weekend routes and four of the six overnight lines. a lot of people who really rely on those services say those cutbacks will leave them stranded. >> i go to school in the evenings. i'm not going to be able to get to school. going to be hard. >> now yesterday a group of protesters protested in oakland. they are trying to get the board of directors to vote against those cuts tonight. one board member says he feels their pain but says with the district got an impasse with the union drivers and mechanics they've run out of options. if the cuts are approved, they would take effect in december. >>> 6:05 is the time right now. let's go back over to sal. what are you looking at, sal? >> we're looking
the roads with kim brown. >> we do not like the idea of a wet commute because we had such a bad one or difficult one yesterday. right now traffic looks pretty good, no problems on 795. that looks good the entire stretch between route 140 to the beltway. we are working one accident? middle river, kingston road continues to be closed between eastern boulevard and hawthorne road because of an overnight crash. you can use hawthorne to get around it. as we look at 695 at harford road, you might want to keep your speeds down a little bit but really no problems around the entire 695 stretch. >>> 5:31. transportation and police officials will discuss maryland's new cell phone law. coming up friday many of us will need the new hands-free devices. many drivers already got the message. >> reporter: whether you believe this new law is a blessing. talking and texting on a cell phone is irresponsible and wrong. and i'm delighted, absolutely delighted. >> reporter: or an inconvenience. anyone in the state of maryland who chooses to use their cell phone while driving will need a hands-free device
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